About Suzanna

Postpartum Doula Practitioner, Wellness Warrior Formulator, Family Wellness Advocate

Suzanna (aka Sizzle and SuzNanny) currently works as a postpartum doula practitioner and professional nanny in the Denver/Boulder, Colorado. Suzanna is the National Sales Director for Wellness Warrior and helps formulate Women and Children’s essential oil blends. Over the past 10 years, Suzanna has worked in many different environments revolving around children: daycare, research, clinic, hospital and schools. She is currently training with Doulas of North America, Newborn Mothers Collective (Advanced training for postpartum doulas, based out of Australia), Childhood Vaccine Safety (based out of US, Canada, Singapore), and aromatherapy with Dr. Kellie Cooney (founder of Wellness Warrior). 

University of Kentucky

While attending college she worked as an infant-toddler teacher at a local daycare. She also observed a special need classroom at a child development center campus location and was able to bring forth new changes to her daycare work environment. She graduated in 2011 with a Psychology degree with emphasis on Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education.

Yale Child Study Center

After graduating (2011) she worked in an Autism clinic and research setting at Yale Child Study Center. She worked alongside neuroscientists, clinical psychologist and researchers from all over the world. She met families from all over that were interested in participating in brain studies about social cognition and autism spectrum disorder.

Work Experience

She has also worked in a hospital as a Behavioral Specialist for Child and Adult Psychiatry and in multiple school settings as a Learning Coach. Through these work experiences, Suzanna learned the importance of early intervention and recognized her passion for working in a natural setting of the home and community. 

Suzanna’s interests

coaching, teaching, learning, pregnancy, health, infant & child development,  childbirth recovery, early intervention, family wellness, preventative medicine, herbs and aromatherapy, travel with her husband, hiking, biking, camping, music, dogs, cooking, reading, relaxing, yoga, meditation, making custom aromatherapy blends including an “I Am Safe” blend for sleep and “simmer down” blend for infant massage and play

Inspirations: mothers, families, Naturopathic Doctors, holistic health, preventative medicine, aromatherapy

Wellness Warrior Foundation

She currently helps direct the Wellness Warrior Foundation, a non-profit, 501c3 charitable organization with a focus on promoting well-being through the use of herbal medicines, essential oils, and healthy, self-sustaining lifestyles.  

Consultations and Services

She offers skype consultation packages (aromatherapy and postpartum planning), in-home family visits, meal preparations, childcare and much more to help you!



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