2017: a year of in-depth trainings

January- I am training with DONA international to become a Certified Postpartum Doula (CPD) to better serve newborn families postnatally; mothers, fathers, babies, siblings, relatives, and pets.

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February – completed my basic lactation management training; starting out successfully, overcoming breastfeeding difficulties, breast pump and breastmilk storage, breastfeeding the premature infant, alternative feeding methods and talking to mothers.

March – completed my 3 day intensive training by DONA international by Jesse Remer, CD (DONA), PCD (DONA), BDT (DONA), LCCE, Mother Tree Founder.

June – Childhood Vaccine Safety training. Learn more here: Childhood Vaccine Safety

August- I joined the Newborn Mothers Collective. Learn more here: Certificate of Completion

March through November- postpartum family training with 4+ families near and far

December 2017- Postpartum Doula Certification with Doula’s of North America to be completed and sent in for review! Yippee!

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