I am a certified Newborn Mothers Postpartum Professional

Newborn Mothers Diploma (1)

Happy to announce that I have completed the Newborn Mothers Postpartum Training, an advanced training for professionals


I am looking for Newborn Mothers to serve

Let’s build a Village


Birth is about making Mums too!!

♥ Pregnancy, birth and postpartum “Baby” Brain 

♥ Temporary & Permanent Changes 

♥ Benefits for mother

♥ Teach Mother how to EMBRACE and INCREASE Oxytocin  


♥ Oxytocin   and   how    Love   Conquers   All

H o r m o n e s  + 

B e h a v i o r + 

S e l f  – c a r e  

♥ Ancient and cultural traditions of postpartum care

♥ Universal and Modern day postpartum care practices


♥ Communication and Why SILENCE is Golden

♥ Putting it into practice



♥ Ayurvedic Cooking and Recipes for Postpartum Healing

♥ Self Massage + Baby Massage,

♥ Belly Binding traditions + benefits + celebrations 

 And Sooo much more!


♥ I am listed in the Newborn Mothers Directory

Newborn Mothers Directory

Contact me for a free 30-minute consultation

Fill out the form below to schedule your free consult ♥



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