What am I Doula-ing?

High-quality support to ease and enhance the first daysweeks and months after childbirth.

Education, non-judgmental support, companionship, assistance with newborn care, family adjustment, meal preparation, light household tasks…the list goes on and on! I offer evidence-based information on infant-feeding, emotional and physical recovery from childbirth, infant soothing and coping skills for new parents and will make appropriate referrals when necessary. My services are focused during the postpartum period (first year after childbirth) and more specifically, the first 6- 12 weeks.
 I specialize in essential oils & herbs, vaccine safety, Ayurvedic nutrition, massage and belly binding. Check out the list below. 
Telecommunication and nation-wide travel services available upon request!
  • Caring for mama as she recovers from birth
  • Processing the birth experience
  • Village Building: 12 monthly webinars for mothers and partners to learn, share and connect with other parents
  • Evidence-based information on a variety of topics
  • Neuroscience of Parenthood; Making sense of baby brain
  • Soothing Baby
  • Companionship
  • Breastfeeding Counseling / Latch And Positioning Help
  • Bottle Feeding / Formula Support
  • Understanding Baby Cues
  • Diapering and Baby Care
  • Sibling Support
  • Light Housekeeping
  • Take care of baby’s laundry
  • Errands
  • Resources & Referrals (massage, acupuncture, support groups, pediatric chiropractors, naturopaths, green baby goods, etc.)
  • Non-judgmental support for family
  • Sibling and Pet Adjustment
  • Organize the home and nursery
  • Screen for postpartum mood disorders
  • Sleeping solutions and how to get enough sleep in the first weeks
  • Help create a nurturing & quiet environment for the family
  • Assist the family by organizing offers of help from friends and extended family to create a structured flow of help
  • Care for baby when parents want to shower, nap, or spend some special time with the older child(ren)
  • Hands-on education for infant and mama care
  • Prepare pump supplies or bottles
  • Babywearing assistance, education, and demonstrations
  • Telecommunication (skype/facetime) Consultation

Packages may also include:

  • Essential oils + herbs for holistic healing 
  • Childhood Vaccine Safety 
  • Ayurvedic cooking to support women after childbirth
  • Ayurvedic massage for mother and baby 
  • Belly binding 
  • Overnight care
  • Meal preparation for family

    cropped-img_1944.jpgPlease contact me if you are interested:





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