I am a Wellness Warrior.

Happy To Announce that I am officially the National Sales Director for Wellness Warrior and the co-creator of our Women and Children’s essential oil blends!

A professional nanny in the Boulder and Denver area of Colorado,  Suzanna is studying aromatherapy and training to become a certified Postpartum Doula as well as a Childhood Vaccine Safety Advocate. Suzanna is dedicated to being well in body, mind, and spirit and passionate about supporting families near and far. She collaborates with Dr. Kellie Cooney, a naturopath, clinical herbalist, aromatherapist, and paramedic.

cropped-img_1944.jpgOver the past 10 years, Suzanna has worked in many different environments with children.  After graduating college, she worked in an Autism clinic, and research facility at Yale (University) Child Study Center in the Neuroscience Lab researching Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Suzanna has also worked in daycares, schools, and in a hospital as a Behavioral Specialist for Child and Adult Psychiatry.  Through these work experiences, Suzanna recognized her passion for holistic health and learning about preventive medicine.  She is inspired by alternative medicine, aromatherapy, and plant medicine has been able to use the Wellness Warrior essential oil blends she’s created with the children she cares for, including the “I AM Safe” blend for nightmares.  She feels blessed to be able to work with families on a daily basis using the custom blends she creates.  Suzanna looks forward to bridging family life, starting from pregnancy onward, with the healing properties of essential oils and herbs!




1. the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort.
2. an approach to healthcare that emphasizes preventing illness and prolonging life, as opposed to emphasizing treating diseases.


1. a person engaged or experienced in warfare; soldier.
2. a person who shows or has shown great vigor, courage, or aggressiveness, as in politics or athletics.




Wellness Warrior was founded in 2011 primarily as a naturopathic consultation organization.  In the years following, it was clear that the adventurous spirit of Dr. Cooney was pushing the organization in a different direction. In 2015 Wellness Warrior’s organizational structure changed and a 501c3 non-profit educational and international relief organization was birthed.  Herbal medicines and essential oil products are created in small batches and used for first aid, primary and acute care, chronic care, international relief, and post-disaster situations. Our training incorporates our product line and is designed to be complementary or alternative to conventional pharmaceuticals in these austere environments. The opportunity for traditional and conventional medicine men and women to work in conjunction with each other to provide the best and most appropriate patient care is at the forefront of our interest.  We do not discourage emergency medical care or transport.

Wellness Warrior uses the sale of our herbal medicines and essential oils to fund self-sustaining projects around the globe. Currently, we are building a community in Uganda, Africa. We chose this community for a number of reasons, however, our biggest opportunity is to purchase land and move 40 orphaned children into new two homes that will be built.  We will be building a school, herbal medicine clinic, outdoor kitchen, matron home, and gardens that will fund the project long term.


Our educational programs are designed to train both civilian and emergency medical responders how to use basic tactics and natural products immediately following a disaster until definitive care can be provided.  In a wilderness or post-disaster situation, it may be hours to days and even weeks until higher care is possible.  In times like these, conventional medications may run out or become scarce. We also teach these concepts to the self-sustaining communities we are building.


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