My Guide to Meal Planning, “What’s for Dinner?”

An important role as a meal planner is giving parents the ease of not worrying about  “what’s for dinner” during their busy weekdays; weeks are easier to manage and dinner prep is faster and hassle-free.


Today, many fast and cheap foods at the grocery store contain a multitude of different additives and preservatives.  I like to provide simple and nutritious meals that include a variety of different ingredients that are fresh.   I prepare meals for my families that that is easy to prepare but also great tasting and healthy too! There are many factors to consider when planning meals out for families with children.  First, its good to learn about any dietary restrictions the family may have. Second, you need to agree upon the grocery budget for the family as well as what store they prefer. Lastly,  you must develop a good system for yourself to


be able to do a thorough job; what recipes will you use? How long does it take you to shop, cook, clean-up? Will there be children home that need supervision? These are all questions that you need to consider.

In 2015,  I began providing 4-6 dinners plus 4-5 lunches for one family every week.  The meal planning I did during that time led me to develop my own meal preparation skills that I now implement full time. A current interest of mine is meal preparations for postnatal families and healthy snacks for postpartum mothers. I have a certain system developed as a meal planner; recipes, assessment, time management: grocery, prep, cook, storage, cleaning, etc. I use my IPAD for recipes and have begun to include themes such as Taco Tuesday, stir-fry night, healthy pizza night, etc. Family input and feedback is appreciated!


By following the USDA Safe Food Handling instructions I am confident in my work as a meal planner and provider.  Check out my Meal Preparations photo blog to see a variety of meals I’ve prepared!




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