French Lavender Reserve

a26356dbff5efebead12a50a95efd5bbProud to offer this wonderfully healing, the aromatic treasure from France through Wellness Warrior Herbal Medicines and Essential Oils! We provide organic, handcrafted products for first aid & herbal wilderness medicine.

Lavender Reserve is an organic, Ecocert essential oil. It is steam distilled from the flowers from Simiane, high in the French Alps. This essential oil comes from a farm were our importer has a direct relationship with the farmers, who use biodynamic growing methods and heirloom lavender seeds. The lavender’s aroma is light, sweet, and floral, and has superior medicinal qualities. Topical use of this oil will assist with skin conditions such as burns and injuries. Aromatically, lavender is used to reduce agitation, anger, frustrations, and feelings of insecurities.

LFrenchLeave_Corbis_Jean-PierreLescourret460avender Oil Aromatherapy

~ in the first hours of postpartum period women who were given lavender were in better physical and mood status compared to the non-aromatic group

~ effectively reduce blood pressure and heart rate in patients admitted to the open heart surgery ICU

~ can be used as an independent nursing intervention in stabilizing vital signs and promote a therapeutic nurse environment

~ reduces menopause flushing: Given the impact of stress on flushing and the undesirable effects of menopause symptoms on the quality of life, it would appear that this simple, noninvasive, safe, and effective method can be used by menopausal women with noticeable benefits


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15mL $44.48
10mL Roller Bottle for infants $9.06
10mL Roller Bottle for children $10.01
10mL Roller Bottle for adults $12.62
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Lavender Reserve is perfect for infants, kids, pregnancy, and skin conditions. Check out our special roller bottles that have been properly diluted in organic jojoba oil for infant, child, and adult (therapeutic) doses.
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