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I am Happy to be apart of such an inspiring team of Wellness Warriors and collaborate with Dr. Kellie Cooney.

Wellness Warrior is a non-profit organization

Promoting clinical herbalism in a professional manner through education and development of products to be used for primary and acute care and wilderness medicine. Wellness Warrior envisions herbal medicines to reemerge as a primary source of wellness for families both in the home and in wilderness settings.  We aspire to pass on the traditions of this age-old medicine to future generations so the art of healing through medicinal plants is not lost.

153570819Wellness Warrior donates 5% of all profits to Oils for Orphans

Oils for Orphans, a Wellness Warrior non-profit organization supports 40 children in Uganda, Africa.  Uganda is the “youngest” nation, where the average age of her citizens is just 15-years-old!  Many children are orphaned because of the civil war, or lost their parents to AIDS, and are now forced to live on the streets.  Many adults have taken charge of these children and have opened homes to care for them.  God’s Care Community Ministries, a non-government organization (NGO) based out of Jinja, Uganda cares for 40 orphaned children and multiple children throughout the region through foster care. 5% of all profits support the children with school fees, clothing, food, shelter, herbal medicines, and essential oils that are used as their primary source of medicine.  The medicines are extremely effective and inexpensive, thus providing a safe therapy for numerous medical conditions encountered in east Africa.  100% of donations received for Oils for Orphans are used for this purpose.  Click here for more information or to join our February 2018 Mission Trip to Uganda

155422270Wellness Warrior values quality and certification: 

Thank you for supporting a small business whose primary concern is the safe and effective use of herbal medicines and essential oils.  Our organic and ECOCERT essential oils are imported from all over the world then hand bottled in Colorado and North Carolina.  ECOCERT is a certification body for sustainable development.  The oils we sell that carry this certification are clearly marked on our website and can be found under ECOCERT; we challenge you to experience these beautiful oils for yourself.  Our herbs are either USDA Organic or certified organic by Oregon Tilth. All our products are third-party certified for purity prior to Wellness Warrior taking possession of them.  In the occasion that an herb or essential oil is Wildcrafted, organic certification might not be obtained. In these events, the herbs or oils are clearly marked on our website under each product.

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Founder, Dr. Kellie Cooney




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