“What Infant Formula do you recommend?”

If breastfeeding isn't possible or desired, or when breast milk isn't available please consider this information when choosing what type of formula to feed your baby and what alternatives are available for you. "What Infant Formula do you recommend?" I am frequently asked this question working in the field of infant development...I began researching the topic. I … Continue reading “What Infant Formula do you recommend?”

Join Wellness Warrior!

I am Happy to be apart of such an inspiring team of Wellness Warriors and collaborate with Dr. Kellie Cooney. Wellness Warrior is a non-profit organization Promoting clinical herbalism in a professional manner through education and development of products to be used for primary and acute care and wilderness medicine. Wellness Warrior envisions herbal medicines to … Continue reading Join Wellness Warrior!

Organic Essential Oils Blends for the Whole Family

What happens when a traditional naturopath, clinical herbalist, aromatherapist, and paramedic meets a child development advocate, Doula, Nanny, researcher & wellness activist? Well a lot of conversations, brainstorming and healthy creations! We create beautiful blends of organic essential oils that are an excellent choice for your family's medicine cabinet. We intend to create blends for … Continue reading Organic Essential Oils Blends for the Whole Family