Greetings! SuzNanny Blog includes many different topics:

aromatherapy, essential oils, childhood development, childrearing, optimizing health, conscious family planning, motherhood, postpartum support, food safety, meal preparation, nutrition, childhood diseases, vaccines, disorders, and petitions

The topics are written with love and passion for these are the ways of expressing myself. Feedback encouraged!

My blogs also include: photoblogs about personal life, work experiences, products, dreams, fears and desires.

My intention is to…

teach what I’ve learned, inspire, reflect, discuss and to ruffle your feathers, a bit!

This blog shows my evolution of a Family Wellness Advocate. I have brought together my passions and careers. Read with an open mind and open heart.


Take a look around, see how my childcare services have blossomed into holistic care for families and individuals near and far. The families say it best, check my testimonials.

Please contact me with any questions or requests.  

 🙏 Namaste 🙏